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Parantez Publication

Commercial Title Parantez Publication Ltd
Founded Date 1990

Address: İstiklâl Cad. 212 Alt Kat No: 8 Beyoğlu – İSTANBUL – TURKEY
Tel: (0212) 252 85 67
Telefax:(0212) 252 85 67

E-mail :


It was established in 1990 by three wellknown humour author, Gani Müjde, Metin Üstündağ, Can Barslan, with the purpose of publishing the weekly humour and cartoon magazine “Deli” (Mad). Parantez Publishing started publishing books in October 1991. It has published 150 kinds of books on four major topics being; Humour, Cartoon, World and Turkish Literature, and Popular Books. Humour, cartoon and popular book series include best selling books of Turkish writers and artists; Peynir Gemisi by Gani Müjde (humour stories, 22nd printing), Langadank by Metin Üstündağ (humour stories, 10th printing), Karikatürler by Cem Yılmaz (cartoon, 12th printing). World and Turkish Lİterature series include mainly the works of important avant-garde and modernist authors; Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady, Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, Douglas Coupland.

Publisher's ISBN Code 975-7939