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Freedom to Publish Reports

Freedom of Thought and Expression Awards

Since 1995, the TPA has worked to promote the freedom to publish both in Turkey and worldwide. It is to this end that the TPA presents the annual “Freedom of Thought and Expression Awards”. By means of this award, the TPA seeks to show its support of writers and publishers in Turkey who are publicly known to be engaged in the struggle for these freedoms; to attract the attention of public opinion regarding this struggle; and to insist upon the legislative and political changes necessary to further freedom of thought and expression. An experienced independent publisher is also awarded for her/his lifelong contribution to the profession.

Freedom to Publish Reports

The TPA releases an annual “Freedom to Publish in Turkey Report” at the awards ceremony. The report covers lawsuits, investigations regarding book contents, book recalls, censorship in prisons, schools and universities, books being counted as criminal evidence, pressure on the press and social media and recent legislative changes. The TPA holds and participates in press conferences, releases press statements, follows court proceedings and regularly informs and alerts its national and international contacts regarding relevant developments.