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Tudem Publishing Group

Founded Date 1984

Editor in Chief: İlke Aykanat Çam
Publishing Coordinator: Tuğçe Akyüz


Address: 1476/1 Sok – No: 10/51 Alsancak – Konak- İzmir
Tel: +90 232-463 46 38 – 39
Fax: +90 232-464 11 73


With 29 years of experience in educational publishing, 8 brands in cultural and educational publishing, a head office, a warehouse, two regional management offices, diverse staff from different diciplines, and over 150 dealers, TUDEM has a vast area of operation. TUDEM has also proved success in children’s and young adult’s literature for the past ten years. During this period, TUDEM’s books have gained much recognition and appreciation among scholars and in the literary world alike. TUDEM, with its own imprints of Desen (Comic Books), Delidolu (Young Adult and Adult) and Ucanbalik (Pre-school and Children Books) has a variety of published works over 600 in cultural publishing. Apart from the Turkish writers, TUDEM also introduces the outstanding works of renowned writers from all over the world, such as Michael Morpurgo, John Boyne, Chris Priestley, Charlie Higson, Terry Pratchett, Robert Winston, Kazu Kibusihi, Keiji Nakazawa, Patrick Ness, Julia Donaldson and more. Field of Activity Children’s fiction, non-fiction books, picture books, preschool books, puzzles, educational publications.

Publisher's ISBN Code 978-9944-69