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Sorun Publishing

Founded Date 11/07/1975

Owner and General Manager: Haluk Mutlu Öztürk


Address: Çatalçeşme Sok. No:46 K:3 D:6 Cağaloğlu – İSTANBUL – TURKEY
Tel: (0212) 511 08 29
Telefax:(0212) 519 05 60


Established on November 7, 1975. In the course of the stage of the maturity and mental enrichment with the scientific knowledge that our society is going through, our publication in the light of Marxist opinion and theoric re-production, is on the issues such as social sciences, education, history, politics-economics, philosophy, pschology, literature-art-estetics and etc. Almost 200 books were published so far. Sorun Publishing is engaged in working on the study-research-polemic series.

Publisher's ISBN Code 975-431-