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Sigma Publishing & Green Dinosaur


International Marketing Manager: David Simpson


Address: Visne 2 Bolgesi, Cayir Guzeli Sk. No:14 Zekeriyakoy Sariyer / Istanbul
Tel: +90 212-352 1661
Fax: +90 212-352 1657


Sigma Publishing was established in 2004 to publish translations of medical books, journals, online content and other formats. We quickly became Turkey’s leading provider of translated clinical medicine content, publishing over 100 books, 30 journals including many of the world’s leading titles, many hundreds of article reprints and
numerous websites. Having taken a lead in medical publishing we decided to establish an imprint under the brand name of Yesil Dinozor (Green Dinosaur) to publish baby and children’s books.

Publisher's ISBN Code 978-605-5370, 978-605-4806