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Sev Publıshıng

Founded Date 1996

Company Manager: S. Baha Sönmez
Editör / Editor: Burcu Ünsal


Address: Nuhkuyusu Cad. No.197 Üsküdar İş Merkezi, Kat 3, 34664 Bağlarbaşı, Üsküdar / İstanbul
Tel: +90 216-474 23 43
Fax: +90 216-474 23 45


SEV Publishing Education and Trading Inc. was established in 1996 as an institution of Health and Education Foundation (SEV) and continued to publish Redhouse dictionaries with experience steeped in over 150 years of a publishing tradition. In addition to publishing dictionaries, since 2006 SEV Publishing created the brand Redhouse Kidz and started publishing fiction and non-fiction children’s books.

Publisher's ISBN Code 978-605-4119