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Phoneix Publishing


Ünal Sevindik


Address: Dirim Sokak No:23/2  06590 Cebeci – ANKARA – TURKEY
Tel: +90(312) 320 41 10
Telefax: +90(312) 362 53 93


Siyasal Kitabevi Yayınları was founded in 1985. Siyasal publishers various reference and text books for universities. The scope of the books consists of Turkish history, business administrationaccounting, economics, international relations, administrative sciences, as well as source books for public institution examinations. Siyasal’s Sister publisher Phoenix Yayınevi was established in 2001 and many distinguished literary works have been brought in with political science, philosophy, history, sociology, literature, and media series.

Field of Activity: Publishing and distributing translated and copyright works on political science, international relations, adinistration, law, economics, educational sciences, methodology, computer applications, preparation for exams, mathematics, environment/city, business administration/accounting, foreign languages-communication, sociology, philosophy, review/research, literature, history, media, dictionaries, woman studies and social gender, poem, regional studies, visual arts.

Publisher's ISBN Code 975-6325