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Nobel Medical Publishing

Commercial Title Nobel Medical Publishing Ltd.
Founded Date 1974

Owner: Rıfkı Biroğlu
Director: Ersal Bingöl
Sales Manager: İbrahim Kılıç
Distribution Manager: Hasan Nazlı


Addres: Millet Cad. No:111 Çapa – İSTANBUL
Tel: 0212 585 67 46 – 585 61 91
Fax: 0212 587 02 17

E-mail :
Internet :


Our firm has been established in 1974 for the sale of medical publishing in Turkish. Today it has the honour of being the pioneer in medical publishing with its 700 different publishing and 200 different kind of distribution. We continue to sell in seven main centers in the five big cities.

Publisher's ISBN Code 975-420-