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Morpa Publishing

Founded Date 1982

Owner : Cahit Erol
Editör: Gülsüm Cengiz
Koordinatör: Hüdaver Öğretici


Address : Ankara Cad. Basın Han. 46/1 Cağaloğlu – İSTANBUL – TURKEY
TEL:(0212) 527 07 97 – 522 95 27
FAX:(0212) 512 62 09

E-mail :
Internet :


Our publishing house, which established in 1982 has put together, education and culture in it’s constitution. We set up to present contemporary knowledge an accumulation by completing our own cultural values in the form that everybody can use the products which are useful for the society at the educational and cultural publishing. With renovating and developing ourselves continously, today we carry on our works on our aim’s way. In our publication we have books for supplementary education and materials, workbooks for primary education, workbooks and testbooks, school diary, holiday books and developing intelligence books, books from our countrie’s selected author’s etc. Our publishing house, not only preparing and distributing books for supplementary and primary students, but also every year arrenge “Supplementary Education Seminar”in our country.

Publisher's ISBN Code 975-8404