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Keskin Color Co

Commercial Title Keskin Color Co
Founded Date 1962

General Manager: Reşit Keskin
Sales Manager: Vefa Gür


Addres: Bağlar Mah. Çeşmealtı Sokak No.23 Güneşli /İstanbul
Tel: 0212 651 48 22
Fax: 0212 550 12 66


Founded in 1962 Keskin Color made its debut by the manufacture and sale of postcards, greeting cards, miniature woven carpets, tourism books, calendars, slides, posters, plans and maps. In recent years having also ventured in stationery sector by launching wrapping papers, notepads, folders, fancy letter paper, fancy envelopes and similar products. With its principles of high quality, original design and customer satisfaction, Keskin Color carryies out printing activities with a large machinery park and latest technological novelties, as well as its experienced personnel.

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