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Gita Publishing House

Commercial Title Boy-san İnşaat Taahhüt Turizm Yayım San. ve Tic. Şti.

Taceddin Köseoğlu
Aksel Köseoğlu


Address:  Gita Yayınları Dolapdere Cad Yunusbey Sok No 28/A Pangaltı Şişli/İstanbul
Tel: +90 212 219 09 58
Fax: +90 212 225 94 39


GiTA Publishing House was founded in Istanbul (2004).
Following the publication of the novel “La sultane Mahperi” in french, the house published the novel in Turkish the next year. GiTa then quickly adopted a general editorial policy about the publications of novels, autobiographies, philosophical essays and historical narratives.

The main concern of GiTa is to primarily publish quality works while improving relationships between writers, publishers, booksellers and readers.

The second objective of this house is to relay the works of great French writers who were never translated into Turkish. While most of its publications are in Turkish, GiTa created a “French department” for that end and is currently one of the only publishing houses in Turkey that publishes books in French.

Finally, the last objective of GiTa is to specialize in travel books by publishing the works of experienced travelers and professional guides who visited the presented countries.

Publisher's ISBN Code 978 – 975 - 8915