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Çamlıca Press and Publishing House

Founded Date 2005

Editor in Chief: Ömer Faruk Yılmaz
Editor: Harun Tuncer
Sales and Marketing: Mustafa Şahin


Divanyolu Cad. İnciliçavuş Sok. No.27 Sultanahmet – Fatih / Istanbul
Tel: +90 212-512 41 01
Fax: +90 212-511 45 38


Launching in 2005 by the maxim “True knowledge can only be gained through genuine sources!” Çamlıca Press and Publishing House has attracted attentions particularly in academic circles.
Having published nearly 200 works it goes, today more courageously, on a way for the enrichment of the cultural life and the quest for the better.

Publisher's ISBN Code 978-605-4421