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Berfin Publishing

Commercial Title Berfin Publishing Ltd.
Founded Date 1992

Owner and Publishing Director: İsmet Arslan


Address: Cağaloğlu Yokuşu Evren Han 29 K:3 / 60 Cağaloğlu – İSTANBUL – TÜRKİYE
Tel: +90 212 513 79 00
Fax: +90 212 512 37 20
E-mail :
Internet :


Established in 1992 and started the publication business under the name Kora Publishing. Berfin Publishing which is advocate of socialism and enlightenment, has published, so far, more than 80 books with its own name and over 50 books as Kora Publishing. Also, a monthly culture, art and literature journal, called as Berfin Spring was started to be printed in 1995. The publication of this journal which was halted in 1997, will be re-started in October 1999.

Publisher's ISBN Code 975-7354