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Anı Publishing

Commercial Title Anı Publishing and Consultancy, Commercials Stat
Founded Date 1993

Coordinator: Özer Daşcan


Address: Kızılırmak Sokak No:10/A
Bakanlıklar – ANKARA – TURKEY
Tel: (0312) 425 81 50 Pbx
Telefax: (0312) 425 81 11

E-mail :
Internet :


Ani Publications is a scholary publisher, which has been established in 1993, in Ankara.

Ani Publications is a very important milestone of both educational system and publishing in Turkey. It has a mission of supporting the enlightenment of Turkey by following a contemporary, scientific, and progressive line of action.

Ani Publications has published over 150 publications in such fields of education as culture, personal development, psychology, preschool education, elementary education, language, literature, and administration.

In addition, Ani Publications has been publishing career development testbooks under the name of Contemporary Teacher Publications. It also publishes a highly respected scholary journal in Turkey, Eğitim Araştırmaları Dergisi, EAD / Eurasian Journal of Educational Research, EJER.

Publisher's ISBN Code 978-9944-474