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Alfa Publishing Distributions

Commercial Title Alfa Publishing Distributions Ltd.
Founded Date 1987

Authorities : M. Faruk Bayrak
Director :Rana Gürtuna
Editor :Rana Gürtuna


Address : Ticarethane Sk. No. 53 34410 Cağaloğlu – İSTANBUL – TURKEY
TEL : (212) 511 53 03 – 513 87 51
FAX : (212) 519 33 00

E-mail :
Internet :


Bayrak Matbaacılık which is founded in 1987 is institutionalized in 1990 under the name of ALFA Basım, Yayım, Dağıtım. ALFA has began its publishing life with all sort of university reference books and proofed its power in publishing by expanding its activity area. ALFA is now continuing to publish books in the areas of Computers, Psychology, Self-Help, Politics, Sociology, Philosophy, Business & Management, Finance, Medicine & Health, Engineering, Law, Language, Dictionaries, including University Text & Reference books, and will publish books in a short time. In New Millenium, ALFA wishes to become biggest and leader publishing firm in national level and to carry itself to international level by a contemporary strong vision.

Publisher's ISBN Code 975-316