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Metis Publication

Founded Date 1982

Public Relations: Yıldız Olgun
Editor in Chief and Foreign Rights: Müge Gürsoy Sökmen
Editors: Semih Sökmen, Bülent Somay, Orhan Koçak
Sales and Marketing: Sabahattin Yöksu
Director: Semih Sökmen


Founded in 1982 to get in touch with readers who are ready to question the world they live in. Published over 600 books in the following series: History, Society and Philosophy; The World We Live In (Contemporary World Politics); Black and White (Contemporary Turkish Politics); Women’s Studies; Green Books; Socialism: Theory and History; Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis; Metis Readers; Literature (Turkish and foreign fiction, crime, science fiction and fantasy) and since 1987 the quarterly DEFTER on literature, history, politics and philosoph.

Publisher's ISBN Code 975-342-