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Turkish Publishers and Distributors Association (Turkish Publishers Association) was founded in 1985 in Istanbul. It represents publishers and distributors operating in the publishing sector in Turkey. It has over 400 members.


  • To improve the profession of publishing and to ensure better quality publications,
  • To produce solutions to vocational problems and for this purpose, collaborate with related ministries and all official / civil organizations,
  • To enlighten its members and the public, to protect and support the rights of its members and publishers,
  • To fight against book piracy through its sister organization YAYBIR (Publishers Copyright and Licensing Society),
  • To work on removing obstacles against freedom of expression and publishing of thoughts and expressions through words, texts, images and other means,
  • To support the development and dissemination of culture, literature and art
  • To strive to turn our country into a major international publishing center
  • To promote reading books and to encourage social and scientific research


The administrative structure of the Association consists of the General Assembly (meets biennially), Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and Commissions.


  • Publishing Standards and Digital Publishing Commission
  • Children’s and Youth Publishing Commission
  • Educational and Supplementary Material Publishing Commission
  • Trade Publishing Commission
  • Academic Publishing Commission
  • Book Importation Commission

Commissions work and prepare reports within their own types of publishing, to find solutions to problems related to issues such as copyright, freedom to publish, commercial activities of publishing (taxation, sales-distribution and collections problems) and publishing standards. They participate in the legislation works of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and relevant Ministries with their opinions and suggestions.