Publishing Assemblies Of Turkey

Since 2004, the TPA has been organizing the biennial “Turkey Publishing Assembly” in cooperation with Istanbul Bilgi University. Major issues faced by the publishing industry in Turkey are addressed and discussed in full detail at this public event, which is attended by publishers and other stakeholders in the industry such as writers, librarians, relevant ministry officers, academics, lawyers, and education professionals. At the end of every assembly, a final declaration is released.

Advocacy For Freedom To Publish, Annual Awards And Reports

Since 1995, the TPA has worked to promote the freedom to publish both in Turkey and worldwide. The TPA presents the annual “Freedom of Thought and Expression Awards” and releases the annual “Freedom to Publish in Turkey Report”. The TPA holds and participates in press conferences, releases press statements, follows court proceedings and regularly informs and alerts its national and international contacts regarding relevant developments. The “On the Way to Freedom to Publish” Project completed in 2015 also served to highlight the freedom of expression problems of publishers in local and national level and to transfer this information to a wider international audience.  

For more information on TPA’s works to promote freedom to publish, please see Freedom to Publish page

Advocacy For Progressive Publishing Policies And Legislation

The TPA actively advocates for the constitutional, legislative and regulatory changes needed to remove the barriers obstructing the development of publishing in Turkey. The TPA is in regular contact with all of the relevant state authorities, including the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Education, which it briefs on and to which it presents thematic and overall industry reports explaining the current situation of publishing in Turkey, as well as advantages, challenges and suggestions for solutions. The TPA holds press conferences and issues statements to inform the general public regarding the current state of publishing, including developments, challenges and the TPA’s related demands and suggestions in its efforts to ensure sustainable development in the field.

Educational publishing, which comprises a large segment of the market in Turkey, is negatively impacted by unfair competition due to a state monopoly resulting from the Ministry of National Education’s active participation in textbook publishing, as well as problems regarding tender procedures, double pricing, and a state-run digitalisation project (Fatih Project). The TPA closely follows developments in this regard and advocates for the state to withdraw from textbook publishing, for the increase of support for private educational publishing, for progressive policies ensuring fair competition and for high-quality digital educational content so as to achieve a sustainable education system.

Training Programs

The TPA carries out a series of certificate programs in cooperation with Istanbul Bilgi University. These programs, including Introduction to Publishing, Marketing and Sales in Publishing, and Editing, are currently being offered and are intended as sustainable programs filling significant gaps in the field of publishing training in Turkey. In the long run, the TPA plans to design and carry out international programs in different formats with the participation of experts from around the world.

International Relations

The TPA is the sole representative of Turkish publishing in the International Publishers Association (IPA),  of which it has been a member since 2003. The TPA representatives participate in the IPA Congresses, Annual General Meetings, Copyright, Anti-Piracy, Freedom to Publish Committees and Educational Publishers Forum meetings as well as all other IPA events. The TPA works closely with the IPA in the promotion of copyright and freedom to publish, co-organizes press conferences with IPA, monitors the development of key trials related to publishing and censorship, and regularly reports to IPA, providing up-to-date news and data from Turkey.

Services to Members

The TPA regularly informs its members and publishing stakeholders about the current agenda of publishing in Turkey via group e-mails, bulletins, updates on its website and social media accounts. Some issues of focus are: major publishing events which the TPA organizes and/or in which it partakes; the latest news on global publishing; events and reports of the International Publishers Association (IPA); legislative changes; translation and publishing grants; as well as news and statements on freedom to publish.

Partnership with TUYAP Book Fairs throughout Turkey

The TPA is the sole partner association of TUYAP Inc., Turkey’s primary book fair organizer responsible for organizing book fairs in various cities throughout the country. Together TUYAP and the TPA organize 5 book fairs each year, the International Istanbul Book Fair (IIBF) as well as national book fairs in Adana, Bursa, Izmir and Samsun. The Istanbul Book Fair is the most significant arena for bringing publishers and readers together, and as such welcomes on average more than 500,000 visitors over the course of 9 days. IIBF hosts professionals from 35 countries during the 4-day International Program and boasts a diverse cultural program consisting of over 300 events, exhibitions and performances.

Stakeholder in Turkey’s Participation in International Book Fairs

Since 1999, TPA has been involved in the organization of Turkey’s national participation in Frankfurt Book Fairs. Since 2007, the TPA has been a member of the International Book Fairs National Implementation Committee, which is responsible for representing Turkey at international book fairs and promoting Turkish literature abroad. The Committee, coordinated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and consisting of various stakeholders in the publishing industry, participates with Turkey’s National Stand in various international book fairs including the Frankfurt, London, Paris, Bologna, Abu Dhabi, Tehran, Beijing, Moscow and Liber (Spain) Book Fairs. Turkey was the Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2008, at the London Book Fair in 2013, and at the Budapest and Beijing Book Fairs in 2014. The TPA takes part in Committee decision-making, participates as a member of the organizational team for many events, and strives to ensure utmost efficiency for its members and publishing in Turkey as a whole.

Promotion of Literacy

Since 1999, the TPA has promoted the UNESCO World Book and Copyright Day (April 23) in efforts to foster the culture reading in Turkey. Various meetings bringing together publishers, distributors and booksellers are held to promote individual and joint campaigns designed around this theme during the week of 23 April. Notifications are sent to relevant public institutions and trade organizations calling for their support in the effort to popularize this celebration nationwide.

Copyright and Piracy

The TPA defends copyright and the fight against piracy in Turkey in coordination with its sister organization, YAYBIR (Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society – PCLS), an association legally authorized to work in collaboration with lawyers and thus further the aims of anti-piracy efforts in Turkey.

For more information about fight against piracy in Turkey and related data, please contact YAYBIR via [email protected].

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